Friday, 25 November 2011

Misty eyed in Richmond

Richmond Park in the fog

Recently it has been foggy in London. It wasn't the peasouper of old London or Mary Poppins, but enough to go and take some pretty pictures.

Richmond Park is wonderfully photogenic, but even when visibility is low it still looks beautiful.

Although Richmond Park has recently become best known for dogs called Fenton chasing deer, its far more likely they'll be chasing a ball (as above) or a stick (below).

Richmond Park- Many trees still have their leaves in late November
...although some have lost their leaves 
I forgot to white balance - but I quite like this shade of blue 
Correct white balance 

But i think I prefer the framing on this one
Up close, there was some Autumn colour - such as the reds, browns and yellows of this tree, and the colourful bracken (below).

Many people don't realise that we have deer right here in London

Doe - a deer - a female deer
Ray - a drop of golden sun
Dew drops glistening on the long grass (above and below)

There are lots of logs from felled trees left in the woods as habitat
The old tree trunks provide shelter for all sorts of creatures well as providing interest for photographers.
Rotting wood

 Where possible, tree stumps are left where they are,
providing homes for birds and insects.

Mushrooms sheltered by a tree trunk

Most of the mushrooms near these two had been trampled by deer
The lakes were teaming with birds, like this swan,
but in the fog you couldn't see many of them

If you don't get the chance to visit Richmond park then these two books with excellent photography will show you what a beautiful place it is.

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