Monday, 28 May 2012

Zantedeschia or Arum Lily

Zantedeschia is commonly called the arum lily, Easter lily or calla lily, although it is not a lily, a calla nor an arum, however, like the arum and calla, it is in the family Araceae.

Zantedeschia are native to southern Africa, and are traditionally white, but also available in lots of eye-catching colours, like the Zantedeschia Passionfruit (above).

They are rhizomatous perennial plants (some varieties are clump forming), growing to 60cm-2.5m tall with leaves 15–45 cm long. The white Zantedeschia aethiopica (probably Green Goddess) below was on an outside exhibit at Chelsea 2012.

A Zantedeschia plant (such as Zantedeschia Natural Bouquet, above) likes to be watered and fed regularly, but is reasonably hardy and can survive periods of both drought and minor frosts (some varieties can survive very cold conditions and others don’t like any cold).

Like the ruby-coloured Zantedeschia Allure and Zantedeschia Picasso on the Burncoose Nurseries stand at Chelsea 2012 in the photo above, it is a good choice for growing beside streams or ponds.
Zantedeschia Passionfruit

If it is planted in a drier area it is better grown in partial shade. It won’t flower well in deeper shade.
Zantedeschia Picasso

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