Sunday, 3 March 2013

I can resist everything except...a good seed catalogue.

Tomato seedlings

Yes, it's that time of year when keen gardeners want to start sowing seeds. We know we should probably wait. But, we just can't help ourselves.

If you're not sure when is the best time to start sowing outdoors (direct into the soil)  then a good idea is to watch out for weed seedlings in the garden. If they are starting to grow - your seeds will have a good chance too.

The weather men are predicting some warmer weather, which should waken up those dormant seeds. But, there is still a definite chance of frost. So, anything delicate should be kept in a warm place to germinate.

So, this weekend I've been sowing...

From The Heritage Seed Library (part of Garden Organic)
Sandpoint - tomato
Cernetu - tomato
Joe Atkinson - tomato
Frueher Heinrich - mange tout
Chibby's Wonder - pea
Sutton's Harbinger - pea
Turner's Spring - pea

Higgledy Garden
Sweat Pea - Beaujolais

Thompson and Morgan
Cosmos - sensation mixed
Calendula - Candyman Yellow
Sunflower - Russian Giant
Cleome - Spinosa Colour Fountain Mixed.

Seedlings pushing through the compost

I'm not done yet. I still have a whole heap of seed packets that are unopened and some extras I've ordered from Sarah Raven - which will have to wait until next weekend.

a few of my leggy cosmos in round 7cm pots

I've been following Ben at the Higgledy Garden - a commercial cut flower grower and seed seller. He recommends sowing seed in either square 7cm pots or 15 cell modules, because there are less spaces for slugs and snails to hide in. So, I shall be taking his advice and using them as much as possible.

tomato seedlings in 7cm pots.

sunflowers and sweatpeas in 7cm cell tray

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