Monday, 1 November 2010

Autumn colours - Leaves

Maple leaf in a New England stream

Fall foliage is one of the best things about Autumn. We've been on a couple of leaf peeping trips to New England, which can look spectacular as the leaves turn various shades of red, yellow, purple and gold. But, there are plenty of places closer to home that look good in Autumn, such as the Royal Horticultural Society gardens at Wisley, Westonbirt Aboretum, which has the national Japanese Maple collection, or, here in London, Kew Gardens. Even the streets near us have displays of Autumn colour, whether in people's gardens or from street trees.

The best source of colour is the Acer or Maple

Oak leaves are also an excellent source of Fall colour - ranging from deep yellow, through orange, red, brown, gold and even purple.
Vine leaves are another source of glowing colours in the Autumn. We had a good year with our Virginia Creeper, intertwined with ivy, growing lots of small fruit (which attract birds).
There is also still plenty of colour from late blooming flowers, such as this yellow rose amongst the vine leaves...

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