Saturday, 6 November 2010

New green roof pages

We now have two fairly lengthy pages of information on green roofs:

The Introduction to Living Roofs has an overview of the history and spread of green roofs (with lots of photos of green roofs in various countries), and why you'd want one.

Sunflowers and other plants on our green roof (above) and moss that grows on the fabric fleece that protects the waterproof pond liner from plant roots (below)

If you're convinced, Green Roofs - A Guide shows how we built our own green roof, what grows on it, and gives you lots of information on how to build your own, including links to lightweight commercial systems, and to a couple of excellent illustrated DIY guides to how other people constructed their own green roofs, a bit on living walls if you want to go even further, plus a book we've got that we can recommend.
A commercial green roofed shed (above) and (below) the sort of sedum matting roofs that will sit lightly on almost any structure...

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