Wednesday, 18 May 2011


My neighbours obviously like potatoes

I've been on the waiting list for an allotment for about 3 years. I did get to the top of the list before Christmas. However, the first plot I was offered was too far away. Carrying a fork, spade and compost would have been a real struggle along a narrow, overgrown path. The second plot was right beside the boundry fence and triangular - not an easy shape to divide into beds and it wasn't near any water. So, I suggested they were offered to someone else and I sadly went back on the waiting list.

Well it was worth the wait. The plot I've been offered is 6m wide by 15m long (it is actually half a plot). It is right beside the tap, so I don't have far to carry water. It is in a great position - lots of light and neighbours who obviously work their plots.

So, what does it look like...

My new (half) plot 6m by 15m
It was dug over a few months ago - but as you can see the weeds have quickly taken over. There are lots of those really nasty, sharp thistles. So, it will be thick gardening gloves at the ready to tackle those.
Thistles everywhere
and bramble
There is one big-ish bramble and some small ones - which hopefully won't put up too much of a fight.

I'll need to get my secateurs sharpened for this bramble

The biggest bunch of docks I've ever seen
My dream is to have an asparagus bed. But, May is too late to be planting asparagus - so, all I can do is make sure I'm up and ready for next year. I've potted up some peas, tomatoes and sweetcorn. Hopefully it won't be too late to get them in. A few carrots and some sprouts for Christmas are on my list too.

It is too late for planting potatoes . But luckily, amongst the weeds, I've spotted there are potatoes already growing. 

Something worth saving - Potatoes
I spy some bindweed in there too

In fact the previous allotment holder must have loved their potatoes because as I walked across the plot it was obviously very ridged where potatoes has been earthed up. 

It seems such a shame to grow one vegetable. Plus, if you grow the same thing in the same place every year - you start to build up pests and diseases in the soil . So, this may be the potatoes last year for a while.

a few poppies have made it onto the plot

The good news is all those weeds should make good compost as long as I get to them before they go to seed. Looks like this weekend I'll be doing a lot of weeding.

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