Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Chelsea 2011: Shell game

One of the most attractive gardens on show wasn't one of the show gardens, but an exhibit created by Cheltenham-based Architectural Heritage, which showed off several of their pieces, some nice planting (as seen above), and lots of different things you can do with shells - and unlike the show gardens, you could walk in rather than having to mill about outside.

There were shell paths, made from crushed or small shells.

There was rope detailing, some of which was used to frame little nests of mixed shells.

A pot of shells.

There were also three windows in to a sheltered, grotto area of the garden that were also used to display further collections of shells - the shell theme probably has something to do with a Shell Seat that Architectural Heritage has created based on one that was once built for Horace Walpole at Strawberry Hill.

Ferns grew out of the walls of the grotto.

A bronze statue of a child holding two ducks, entitled Duck Baby, from 1911.

Moss growing on a stone bench.

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